A Dog’s Day at the Agency

July 7, 2015

A couple of Fridays ago, I was just doing my regular morning activities (you know rolling around on the carpet, chewing on my bone and chasing my tennis ball) when my mom exclaimed “Guess what Chief?! You get to come to work with me today!” and proceeded to load me and my belongings in the car.

Apparently some humans celebrate this thing called “Take Your Dog to Work Day” and at my mom’s job it’s kind of a big deal. My tail was wagging out of control with excitement as we headed to Meridian Group. I, Chief Bocephus Taylor, was finally going to get the chance to see what Mom did while she was gone all day and I was going to fully immerse myself in agency life while I had the chance! Here’s a brief synopsis of my day:


I arrived ready to rule the board room and was very eager to get the day off to a great start so I dove right into several tasks. I wanted to show my diversity so I designed some new logos,  wrote press releases, scheduled a few social posts, and coordinated a few interviews.


I did get a little distracted at times. This cute husky kept walking by and giving me kisses and it made it very difficult to stay on track with the reporting I was working on at the time.


Then there’s that face you make when you’re pretending to work on a new email marketing campaign, but really you’re scoping out new dog beds. Can’t wait to log that into Workamajig! Suckers…


I did have a call that didn’t go so well. Apparently clients aren’t excited when you just breathe heavily into the phone. I exercised my option to take my frustrations out in the Mad Men Lounge. Thanks Joe.


I perked up real quick and printed out some copy and sample designs to route through the team for approval.

Overall my day at the agency was pretty fun, but boy was I exhausted by quitting time! I think I’ll stick to spending my days napping around the house and chasing my tail around.

End of Day

The end of the day had me like…