Best Ads of 2020

Best Ads of 2020 graphic December 16, 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, let’s take a look at the ads that stood out during a year filled with uncertainty. We’ve rounded up our favorite spots that warmed our hearts, inspired us and filled us with laughter when we needed it most.

Match – Match Made in Hell

“It perfectly describes 2020 and how we can all still find love. And I love the way the squirrel gets hit by a lightning bolt at the beginning and ‘WTF’ is painted in the end zone of the empty stadium. It’s the little things like that you don’t catch the first time you watch it.” – Bill, account manager.

Etsy – Gift Like You Mean It

“Etsy’s whole series has been amazing. It’s inclusive, heartwarming and makes you want to check out the incredible handmade gifts on the site.” – Kerry, digital marketing coordinator.

Disney UK – From Our Family to Yours

“As a young adult with aging grandmothers whose only Christmas wish is to spend more time with family, Disney really struck home for me with this spot, reminding us that our time can be the most valuable gift of all.” – Taylor, associate art director.

Chick-fil-A® – The Spark

“This year has been a tough one for many of us. It was filled with challenges that would be a lot simpler if we could flip a switch to solve them. So when I saw this commercial the other night, it had me tearing up. It reminded me that I needed to let that spark shine bright and continue to hope.” – Christina, art director.

Plenty UK – #Xmess

“The quote at the end sums it up perfectly. Families are messy — sometimes obnoxious and disruptive, flawed and frustrating — but we love and cherish them anyway. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to at least a couple of the moments in that spot.” – Alan, senior web developer.

Walmart – America’s Cart

“I don’t watch much “real TV” these days, but this one stopped me in my tracks. I thought it was an exceptional way to communicate this year without the redundant doom and gloom or “its been an unprecedented year” and find a way to tie the emotionality of the products they sell without being overtly salesy or cheesy.” – Erin, VP of account services.

TikTok – It Starts on TikTok | Good Vibes

“Thanks to TikTok and Nathan Apodaca (@420doggface208), this song is constantly playing in my head. I love this spot because TikTok was able to take a viral piece of content and repurpose it in an ad that sparked joy. It’s a nice break from the typical “COVID” ads we’ve seen throughout the year.” – Marcella, public relations counselor.

Doc Morris – Take Care

“No one knows better than I do that as we age you can’t always do the things you used to love to do. This spot for Doc Morris in Germany shows there’s always something that can motivate us to do the things we love for the people we love. Grab your tissues!” – Joe, CEO & founder.

Do you have a favorite ad of the year? Share it with us!