The Truth About Your Brand


It’s a simple question most often asked by innovators, leaders and innocents. It’s asked by people who are never satisfied. People who are searching for the truth. Those who ask why look for both the big picture and the little things that can make life simpler. People who ask “why” are willing to take a chance. To make a difference.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level, let us conduct a Brand Workshop to uncover the truth about your brand.

A Brand Workshop is collaborative session with your company’s key stakeholders. In the 4-5 hour workshop Meridian Group will guide your team through a disciplined process that allows you to get opinions and perceptions about your company, target audience and goals on the table for everyone to evaluate. We will then build a Brand Pyramid thatĀ  defines your company, its key attributes and personality traits. The outcome of the workshop will be a finalized Brand Pyramid that will be the foundation of all communications and the brand identity moving forward. Understanding your brand is the first step to successfully achieving your marketing goals and growing your business.

Contact Us today for a brand consultation or to schedule a Brand Workshop.