Get to Know a Groupie: Kelsey Daddio

August 25, 2015

Get to Know a Groupie: Kelsey Daddio

I’ve been at the agency for: Six months

When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is: My bed is too comfy.

My favorite things to do are: Spend time with my boyfriend & family, go to the beach, visit breweries/wineries, listening to live music


Drink of choice: Honey Blue Blue (Back Bay Brewing) or Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Most played artists on my iPod:  Hozier, Twenty One Pilots, Mumford and Sons

My current desktop picture is: The one that came with the computer

What I’m reading: Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl

A talent I wish I had is: Singing (I have a horrible voice…)

My favorite flicks: Neighbors, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect

My guilty pleasures are:  Watching anything and everything on the Bravo Channel and binge watching Netflix originals












My idols include: My parents (of course) and my siblings. Each for their own individual reasons.


When it comes to relaxation, I prefer to: Nap on the beach or get a massage

My favorite quote is: Comparison is the thief of joy

I am fascinated by: Music. I love music of all types and I have to listen to it pretty much all day.

My top three items on my bucket list are: Travel to Italy – the motherland, Hike Machu Picchu, and go to a concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre


What I love most about what I do at Meridian Group is: The agency activities – BBQ, Happy Hour, etc. I am enjoying getting to know everyone and I love the work environment here!