“Hi, My Name is Courtney and I’m The New Intern”

February 25, 2016

Situation: You nailed that internship interview that you coveted for so long and they offered you the position! Great news, right? You spend the next month preparing yourself for what lies ahead in this new, open world of a being an “official” public relations intern. I mean, this is a huge step in your career path so it makes sense that you would have a level of uncertainty. “Here goes nothing” became my motto as I prepared myself for my first day at Meridian Group. As soon as I walked in, all the time I spent worrying completely vanished. I was doing this. I was now on the path to my career.

Being the small fish in a big pond can be pretty intimidating at first. You are the newbie, the person who knows nothing about anybody here and has no idea where the bathroom is. My first day went something along the lines of that. You’re surrounded by people who have built a career out of what you’re still studying to be and that in itself can make you feel very weird, but in a good way! Weird as in knowing that someday you will be one of them. Weird as in how different the atmosphere is in an office compared to the classroom. I have been at Meridian for about a month now and I can promise that the weird feeling goes away. The more I became comfortable, the more I could start to enjoy the little bonuses that come by being an intern at the agency, like my office.

Yes, you read that right. I have my own office! Complete with a rolling chair and pictures of the people who inspire me most. It is my favorite part. I share a section of the office with three other interns whose own cubicles are connected to my own. I really enjoy having them so close and knowing that we are experiencing this together. It is comforting not being alone in this big adventure!

It didn’t take long to feel included and be heard around the office. Everybody at the agency is friendly and genuinely wants to help you learn. We function with the aid and input from one another and that element is key when creating something new. I have to say that there is no better feeling than knowing people want to encourage your ideas while also giving advice on how to take your idea to the next level. Ideally, that is what you look for when you start searching for an internship. Being an intern at Meridian Group is no doubt one of the best things that I am able to experience because of the intense knowledge I am absorbing and the fun atmosphere that the team creates.

Though I have been here for a month, I do still get lost. I still ask questions and I still don’t know certain essential things like proper writing for pitches, but I have time to learn. This is only the beginning of my work experience after all. I enjoy coming to work every day and that is something that I have been looking forward to. I am not an intern who grabs everyone’s coffee or makes the copies no one wants to. I am an intern who is involved in the process of public relations, who has ideas and input that are valued and encouraged every day. Meridian Group’s internship is one of the best in the area and I am so lucky to be a part of the creative, encouraging, and fun team of professionals.