It’s Q time – there will be “high steaks”

May 11, 2017

It’s that time of year again. The menu is set. Judges are booked. Grills are ready to be fired up. The sixteenth annual Q is upon us!

What is the Q you ask? That’s what we call our annual culinary competition. The cut-throat competition begins this afternoon when Groupies choose their teams and find out about the special ingredients each dish must include. One part of the festivities includes a souvenir in the form of a t-shirt. Each year, employees are encouraged to design and submit original t-shirt for the party.

This year, fifteen creative designs were submitted from nearly every department. Some pulled inspiration from the company’s non-meat eaters (but really, is it Episcopalian? Pescatarian?) and some were just downright punny. Still, only one design could come out on top. With the overwhelming majority of votes, James Laycock’s submission, which drew inspiration from the contest’s 4/20 deadline, pulled out the win.

James’ design, pictured here, will be featured on this year’s Q t-shirts. In addition to year-long bragging rights, he will receive prize money.

Congratulations James! Better luck next year to the rest!