The Value of Being an Intern at Meridian Group

February 1, 2016

The Value of Being an Intern at Meridian Group

“You have to have experience to get experience” is something that you often hear as an undergraduate.  That leaves a lot of students,  especially seniors, frustrated because ultimately they are looking to have a job when they graduate. Feeling a little lost while in school and even after is completely normal. That’s where internships come in to help beef up that resume and offer some clarity to what your next move should be.


Starting an internship can be a scary experience, but it’s definitely a smart option for transitioning into the working world.  Interning opens your eyes to a whole different universe and it often helps narrow down the direction you want to take your career. Often times students think they have an idea of what career they may be interested in, but without the proper experience prior, it can be overwhelming.  Some may find that they love what they’re doing at their internship and can’t wait to get started with their careers while others may not enjoy working in that field and have to start back at square one.


Interning is what you make of it. It’s okay to ask questions.  That’s what you’re there for! Learn as much as you can and take whatever you learn with you to wherever you go. Keep whatever projects or assignments that you’ve completed as a reference point. It’s also nice to see how far you’ve come. Hopefully you had an internship that you love and learning and growing will be done without effort but if you didn’t, it’s still valuable to know what types of jobs aren’t a good fit for you. No matter what the circumstances are, you’re there to expand your knowledge on a potential career path.  An internship is like test-driving an industry!


I was one of those people that had no idea what my next step was after graduation and with no prior experience, an internship was my next move. Thankfully I landed an internship that I absolutely love.  I literally talk about my experience Meridian Group every chance that I get and every day I’m learning something new. Once you have an internship that you truly enjoy and provides such a great atmosphere, it doesn’t feel like you’re at work! Time goes by quickly and you’re excited to come back the next day. Meridian Group displays teamwork, communication, and teaches that customer service is number one. Every strategy that is created is pushing the limit to an innovative way of providing information and making a presence.


So what happens after your internship? A JOB, HOPEFULLY! If not, it’s perfectly fine. You have that experience under your belt and you move on to the next internship or you can start pushing your resume out to as many places as possible. Keep working hard and striving to do better and eventually you’ll land your dream job!

Thankfully, there are multiple places in the area that provide internships to get your feet wet. Meridian Group offers internships for students or recent graduates that are interested in getting started in public relations, advertising, and marketing.  So, get the ball rolling and look for that internship to lead you on to the path of success!