Why Our Hearts Beat for Meridian Group

February 14, 2016

The most romantic time of the year is upon us: stale heart-shaped candy, chocolates, and of course, roses can be found everywhere. While the rest of the world sifts their way through the pink and red cluster that fills the aisles of just about every store during this time of year, we here at Meridian Group have our hearts reserved for one Valentine, and that is the agency we work for!

Hear is what people at the office had to say when asked what they love about their jobs:

Kelsey: “Work things I love: We are encouraged to decorate our work space to show our own style and personality. There is anabundance of earl gray tea that is always available. Also…THE DONUTS!”

ST: “The perks of working at Meridian Group are endless, but I especially love that our agency culture encourages us to celebrate our individuality, meaning that I can freely channel my inner ‘Tay Sway’ as I wish.”

Rebecca: “Would I be an alcoholic if I said that I love that we have an agency bar?”


Amara: “I couldn’t get through the day without reading TheSkimm…”

Amber: “I LOVE being able to decorate my office and see how everyone else’s personality comes through in theirs. I also love  that our team takes the time to talk through our challenges and offer suggestions. And for PR folks,  the feeling when we hear back from a reporter that they’re going to use our pitch! It’s a fleeting thrill, but a thrill just the same. Oh, and the snaps!”

Emily: “I loved that we have the best office Christmas party of all time. Come on, we had the Deloreans play for us! We’re spoiled. I also LOVE that we can wear jeans and have an awesome break at Christmas.”


Jordan: “I love the dress code (or lack thereof), tea, donuts, and the people of course. Can’t forget summer Fridays!”


Vanessa: “I love the feeling of being valued and appreciated.  I know that sounds silly, but after 20 years in TV, it’s quite refreshing.”

Crystal: “I love everything everyone has said, but also being a mom, I LOVE the flexibility. I don’t feel guilty for taking care of my family.”

Liz: “I love and appreciate our boss’s understanding and value in travel, personal days, holiday vacation and family time.”

Devon: “I love the environment. It can get hectic, but our agency adventures like “The Q” and trips to Dave & Busters make up for it! Also, you can’t ask for a better group of people to work with!”


Katie: “Things I love: The view from my office and the fact that I have an office, a window, and something pretty to look at occasionally. The fact that if there’s a hurricane or a snowstorm, I don’t have to come to work, because our safety is more important. That if I have a sick kid, an emergency at home, or just feel like crap that day, it’s no big deal to take time off, as long as there’s not a do or die project on the line. I also love that there’s a measurable impact of what I do on both the company’s bottom line and what the public sees.”

Terry: “I love the big guy in charge.  I have seen him favor an idea for the good of the group over his own. I have seen him being much happier giving than receiving.  He will go out of his way to help someone who needs it and you will never hear about it. It has become the culture around these parts and we are all better off for his influence.”


Alma and Kerry: “Ditto what everyone has said!”

That was only a glimpse into why we love working here at Meridian Group. This agency takes care of it’s people, makes sure everyone feels valued, and of course, has a good time as well.