Dear valued friends, family, clients and those who have been deeply touched by this issue,

It’s October and we are once again reminded of the significance of this month - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It serves as an annual reminder of the challenges faced by countless individuals battling this relentless disease. While it's crucial to recognize that this battle extends far beyond a single month each year, October provides us with a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on the imperative fight against breast cancer. In line with this commitment, we, at The Meridian Group, have chosen to align our website's theme and messaging accordingly. Our hope is that, by doing so, we can raise awareness and remind even just one more person about the gravity of this issue.

Being a SWAM-certified business, women are at the heart of our business and form an integral part of our journey. Regrettably, over the years, cancer has touched the lives of many close to us, including family members, dear friends and employees of our organization. These firsthand experiences have given us profound insight into the urgency of eradicating this disease. They have opened our eyes to the profound significance of this month for so many individuals.

At The Meridian Group, we stand united in our commitment to raising awareness and supporting those affected by breast cancer. Together, let us strive to make a meaningful difference and work towards a future where breast cancer is but a memory.

Here are some places to find out information on how you can help raise awareness and how to spread the word, donate or get information for yourself or loved ones.

Susan G Komen Foundation
National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation
Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

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