STIHL Inc. is one of our longest standing client partnerships. The company produces a full line of high-quality, handheld outdoor power equipment including blowers and trimmers, as well as the number one selling brand of chain saw worldwide. When the research came back and told us almost 60% of consumers thought STIHL power equipment was available in “big box” retailers like Home Depot® and Lowes® we knew we had to do something – something big. So we developed a national, integrated marketing program that told consumers, straight up, that if they wanted the best they’d have to go to one of 9,000 independent STIHL servicing dealers nationwide. Guess what? It worked and continues to drive customers into their dealerships. Plus for 7+ years, we’ve provided online training to these dealerships through STIHL iCademy®. Customers + free training has proven to be a formula for success for happy dealers who sell STIHL products.